What’s the longest you’ve had an orgasm for? The average time is between 5-15 seconds. 30 max.

Yesterday, using my Aneros, http://www.aneros.com/ I managed around 3 or four minutes and did this several times. It was like I was plugged into the orgasm mains! It just kept on going.

No ejaculation, and for most of the time, no hard on! Just whole body Super orgasms. I was playing with my boi and am generally not into receiving anal stimulation and so not too experienced in this. But I really couldn’t believe how intensive these convulsions and waves of pleasure were.

I bought the device a few years back, didn’t use it much and last week found it in a drawer. I checked out their website which has loads of advice on using it and bang! It worked a dream. Hands free orgasms which last as long as you can take them for. seriously, after a while you want them to stop!
Only to plug back in and go some more!

Sorry if this seems more like a testimonial than a blog, but WOW! Fucking WOW!

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